Saturday, December 4, 2010

DIY Poms for garland or ornaments

Easy DIY project for any crafter.  These poms can be tiny, huge, or anything in between depending on your project.  For garland I recommend 1 1/2 inch circles to 2 inch circles.  For kissing balls 5-6 inch circles.  The larger the pom the more circles you will need to cut out.

You will need:
1-2 yards of costume satin in your choice of colors.
Matching multi use thread
High quality Scissors
Ribbon (3/8 or 5/8)

Cut your satin into circles.  The larger the circle the larger the pom.  Approx 20 circles for this project.


Fold your satin in half the the shiny side out. 

Fold it in half again. 

Fold it in half one last time.

Thread needle and pierce fabric about 1/4 inch from the tip of the fold.   Push down the thread toward the end.  

Tie a knot in the thread to prevent the satin from coming off of the thread.

Do this repeatedly until you have a length that is about three times the width.

Tie the two ends of the thread together tightly.  Feed your ribbon through the center of the pom and tie in a knot or bow.


Use as a flower girl pomander/kissing ball, use green satin and add red berries for a mistletoe pom, make dozens of small poms and make a garland, make 3 inch poms for holiday ornaments, make dozens and glue to a wreath for the front door....limitless possibilities!


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