Saturday, March 5, 2011

DIY Message Rocks

The easiest favor EVER!  You can make one for each guest with an initial or do a special message.  They can be used as paper weights or magnets.

Message rocks.

You need:

Rub on vinyl letter or images.  These can be found at your local hobby store or in the supply section of
Dish soap.
Smooth surfaced rocks.

Thats it!!!!!

Clean your rock surface with dish soap and water and let it dry.  This will make sure the surface is ready for the rub on transfer.

Cut out your transfer.

Use the included Popsicle stick and follow the rub on transfer directions.


If you want them to become magnets.....

Buy small 3/4-1 inch round magnets at your local craft/hobby store
Epoxy glue can be purchased at a craft or hardware store.

Mix epoxy per instructions (be VERY careful)
Use a small amount, about the tip of a pencil eraser and then lightly place the magnet in the epoxy.
Let dry overnight.

This DIY project has been submitted to for the DIY contest.  Wish me luck!

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