Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why the toss bouquet isn't dead yet - new twist on an old tradition

Toss bouquets have been a part of weddings for forever.  The bride winks at the single ladies all bunched together and then tosses her bouquet (or a stand in bouquet) to the seemingly desperate women.  Every single woman must want to catch that bouquet for her chance to be married next, right?   Doesn't sound very romantic or kind, does it?

The toss bouquet doesn't have to die. I have a new tradition for you.  

Fortune toss bouquets and best wishes toss bouquets!

The fortune toss bouquet is actually several (5-7) small bouquets that disperse when thrown into the crowd.  Attached to each bouquet is a personalized tag from the wedding couple.  Well wishes, fortune cookie sayings, favorite quotes, music lyrics, or personal notes of love are written on the tags along with the couples name and wedding date.

These bouquets are meant for every guest.  It doesn't matter is they are male, female, married, single, nine or ninety.  The recipient gets a wonderful gift from the newlyweds.  The newlyweds get great action photos from their reception and something to talk about for years.

I can create a custom toss bouquet just for your wedding.  Your wedding colors can be matched, or better yet why not go wild and do  patterns or metallics?   The only thing that will limit us is our imagination.

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